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Here at Oversea Distillery, our mission is to redefine the cocktail experience, offering handcrafted cocktails made fresh on-site, with only the highest quality ingredients.


Join us as we celebrate craftsmanship, innovation, and the art of mixology. Together, let's raise our anchors and toast to the journey ahead.



Our common space, come in with friends, grab a seat, mingle, play games, enjoy our events, wherever the drinks take you.



Our more intimate space, open to the public but also available for bookings for your next gathering, party.

HoCo's Hidden Gem

Our tasting room is a space like no other. Come join us for happy hours, Friday Night Jazz, or one of our other countless events

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Sip, Savor, and Celebrate

Embark on a journey of flavor and handcrafted experiences at Oversea Distillery, the heart of  Columbia. Enter a realm where each sip narrates a tale, and every instant is crafted with meticulous care.

Sip With Style

Indulge in our meticulously curated menu of handcrafted cocktails, each a masterpiece of flavor and flair. From timeless classics to innovative creations, our expert mixologists pour passion into every pour, ensuring each drink is a journey of taste and refinement.

Join Us for a Sip of Something Extraordinary

Whether you're a connoisseur of fine spirits or simply seeking a night of fun, Oversea Distillery invites you to sip, savor, and celebrate. Come join us and raise a glass to the extraordinary moments waiting to be shared. Cheers to you, Columbia!

Live Entertainment, Every Week

Experience the rhythm of the night with our lineup of live entertainment, featuring talented musicians, comedians, and artists. From soulful jazz melodies to uproarious comedy, there's always something special happening at Oversea.

Crafting Memories at Oversea

At Oversea Distillery, we pride ourselves on creating an environment that welcomes all occasions with open arms. Whether you're seeking a solo respite during happy hour, a cozy spot for a romantic rendezvous, or a lively venue for both intimate gatherings and large celebrations, we have you covered. Our ambiance effortlessly transitions from a tranquil sanctuary for solitary reflection to a vibrant hub of social connection. And for those with furry companions, our dog-friendly policy sets us apart, ensuring that every member of the family can join in on the fun. Come discover the perfect setting for every moment at Oversea Distillery.

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