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It was the empowering pursuit of extraordinary craftsmanship which motivated our founders, originating from every corner of the globe, to establish Oversea Distillery. As we invent ourselves, we have also been inspired by the bold American tradition of pioneering innovation, as well as Maryland's rich history of liquor-crafting. Our motto, "Raise Your Anchor," embodies entrepreneurial excellence, cultural diversity, as well as our passion for crafting exceptional spirits, elements that are forever ingrained within the spirit of Oversea Distillery.

Barrel Stack

Our Commitment


Within every bottle produced at our distillery lies our commitment to the perfect marriage of classic distilling techniques and local, Maryland-sourced ingredients. In our quest for excellence, we also never lose sight of innovation by constantly searching for novelty in liquor craftsmanship. Careful thought is placed into blending traditional excellence with novel innovation into all of our products, which, when combined with the highest-quality ingredients, allows us to create exceptional spirits that are a part of every unforgettable momory.



Spirits have always held unique roles in social traditions, engagement, and bonding. We hope that our products can contribute to this legacy by helping every individual find their connection to their cultural background, draw strength, and be inspired by their own unique qualities. 

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